Terms and Conditions

Last updated 16th February, 2024

Linkplify is your all-in-one link-in-bio solution. Creators can showcase their social media profiles on any platform, while businesses can connect with customers across channels. Simplify your online presence and achieve your goals.

1.   Welcome to Linkplify!

Welcome to Linkplify! (https://linkplify.com/). These Terms of Service outline the rules for using our platform.

Throughout these Terms, "we," "our," and "us" refer to Linkplify, the company. By accessing Linkplify, you agree to be bound by these Terms and any additional policies referenced here or within Linkplify. We encourage you to read these terms carefully and reach out if you have any questions. However, if you disagree with these Terms, please refrain from using Linkplify.

2.   Changes to these Terms

Linkplify strives to constantly improve and adapt. As a result, we may occasionally update these Terms and Conditions. These updates could reflect changes to our business, new features or functionality, legal requirements, or simply better serve our users and protect our interests. We reserve the right to make these changes at any time, so please check back regularly to stay informed.

For significant changes that might directly impact you, we'll make our best effort to notify you through social media at least a month in advance. By continuing to use Linkplify after any updates, you acknowledge and accept the revised Terms. If you disagree with the changes, you're welcome to stop using Linkplify and cancel your account.

3.   Your Account

To use Linkplify, you must be at least 18 years old and able to legally enter into agreements. Creating an account for someone else requires their explicit permission. You are responsible for your account's activity and ensuring lawful usage.

Upon creating an account, you confirm being over 18 and agree to these Terms. Please provide accurate information about yourself and update it if anything changes.

For businesses or individuals using Linkplify, a representative with proper authorization must accept these Terms on their behalf.

Safeguard your login details and password by not sharing them. Please contact us immediately if you suspect account compromise.

Do not assign or transfer your account. Avoid using your account in any way that could harm Linkplify's reputation, damage others' rights, or violate laws and regulations.

4.   Your Username

Select a username that is respectful and appropriate for all users. It should not infringe on intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trademarks.

We reserve the right to review usernames and request changes if they are deemed inappropriate or violate rights. Refusal to comply may result in account suspension or termination.

If someone claims your username infringes on their intellectual property, they will need to file an official report. You will have the opportunity to respond with a counter-notice.

Inactive accounts with no logins, new link additions, or traffic for over 6 months may have their usernames reclaimed or reassigned. We will always attempt to contact you before doing so.

5.   Your Content

We encourage creative expression on Linkplify, but to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all users, we have established Community Standards. These guidelines outline acceptable and prohibited content. Please adhere to them, as violations may result in account suspension or termination.

By "your content," we refer to any text, visuals, videos, links, or other materials you share on your profile. You are solely responsible for your content and guarantee that:

Due to varying legal landscapes across regions, content deemed legal in certain areas may be prohibited on Linkplify. We reserve the right to take necessary measures to maintain a safe platform, including content removal and account restrictions.

6.   What we can do with your content

When you share content on Linkplify, you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, and perpetual license to:

Please understand that this license allows us to utilize your content without any financial compensation for as long as it exists.

While we hold the license to use your content as described, you retain all ownership rights to it. However, remember that your content will be publicly viewable and could be further shared or used by others both on Linkplify and beyond.

Refrain from sharing sensitive personal information on Linkplify, such as social security numbers or passport details. Only post another person's personal information with their explicit consent and documented proof. We are not obligated to monitor your content's accuracy, legality, or reliability, but we reserve the right to do so and take appropriate actions if necessary.

We have the right to modify, remove, or restrict access to your content at any time if it violates our Terms or Community Standards. Additionally, we may apply a sensitive content warning to content we deem unsuitable for all audiences.

7.   Suspension or cancelation of your Account

Breaching these Terms may result in actions against your account, including suspension, cancellation, or feature limitations. For instance, unpaid fees might lead to downgrading your paid plan to a free version with reduced functionalities.

The severity of the action depends on the nature of the violation. Minor infractions may not trigger account suspension, while repeated or significant violations may necessitate stricter measures. We typically aim to notify you before suspending or canceling your account, but such notification is not mandatory.

Please note that no refunds will be issued for unused prepaid fees in cases of account cancellation.

If you believe your account was terminated by mistake or have questions regarding these Terms or Linkplify, please contact us at support@linkplify.com. We are committed to resolving issues in good faith. Both parties agree to attempt a one-month collaborative resolution before initiating legal action.

8.   Our Platform

Linkplify allows you to share content and connect with others, but remember:

9.   Privacy

We take your privacy and that of your profile visitors seriously. For details on how we handle your personal information, please see our Privacy Notice. Additionally, if you collect visitor data on your profile, a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) outlines your and our obligations to protect their privacy. You can find the DPA in our Trust Center and within these Terms. By creating an account, you confirm you've read, understood, and agreed to the DPA if it applies to you. For information on our cookie usage, see our Cookie Notice.

Any data generated from your use of Linkplify (including intellectual property), whether by you, your profile visitors, or other users, belongs to Linkplify.

10.   Liability

Remember, you are responsible for your actions while using Linkplify. This includes backing up your own data and content, as we are not liable for any losses resulting from its use. This applies to actions like downloading, installing, accessing, or sharing content on the platform.

By using Linkplify, you agree to hold us harmless from any losses caused by your violation of these Terms or related third-party claims regarding your content. Additionally, both parties acknowledge that neither of us will be held responsible for indirect, consequential, or other similar damages, including lost business, profits, data, or goodwill. This holds true regardless of the cause, even if we were aware of the potential for such damages.

Our maximum liability to you under these Terms or related to Linkplify is capped at the higher of two amounts: (1) the fees you paid us in the 12 months before the issue arose, or (2) $20.

11.   Disclaimer

Using Linkplify comes with inherent risks. It's provided "as is" and "as available," without any guarantees, express or implied. This includes no promises of uninterrupted service, security, specific features, error fixes, virus absence, effectiveness, or content accuracy.

While we strive to provide a reliable platform, these Terms limit our liability to the fullest extent allowed by law. We exclude any implied warranties that cannot be legally excluded. If Australian Consumer Law applies, our maximum liability for any breach is limited to service re-supply or payment.